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Call for Papers!! COMUNICAR JOURNAL n. 48, Ethics and plagiarism in scientific communication

Thematic Editors
 Dr. Jaume Sureda-Negre (Balearic Islands University, Spain)
 Dr. Karl O. Jones (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
 Dr. Rubén Comas-Forgas (Balearic Islands University, Spain)

Ethics in Science
Scientific and Academic Communication
Ethics, honesty and academic integrity
Scientific values and principles
Ethical Codes in Science and Academic Institutions
Deontological Codes
Ethics and control policies in scientific publishing
Fraud in students’ assessment
Dishonest academic behaviours and practices
Legislation and regulation on scientific misconduct and fraud
Academic regulations and norms to confront fraud and misconduct
Factors associated with misconduct within scientific and academic communication
Consequences of scientific misconduct
Scientific misconduct detection systems, resources and strategies
Academic writing principles and fundamentals
Scientific education in the diverse levels of the educational system
Students’ assessment strategies and methods
Publishing and editorial processes in mass media in scientific communication
Plagiarism in scientific communication using digital and audio-visual resources

  • Guidelines and submission of proposal
    Publishing guidelines:
    Proposals for the Special Issue are to be submitted through the OJS RECYT platform:

    Important dates
    Deadline for sending articles: 2015-06-01 — 2015-12-30
    Publication date of Comunicar Issue 48:
    Preprint version: 2016-05-15
    Printed version: 2016-07-01