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COMUNICAR 46: Articles in press

COMUNICAR  has published the preprint articles of issue 46:  The Internet of the future. The challenges of human interaction

Before an issue is published, the papers are given their own DOI in the « Articles in Press» section in the website of the journal. In general, once the external scientific reports have been read, the criteria that justify the editors’ decision to accept or reject submissions by Editorial Board are as follows: a) Current and new. b) Relevance and significance: advancement of scientific knowledge c) Originality. d) Reliability and scientific validity: verified methodological quality. f) Organisation (logical coherence and formal presentation). g) External support and public/private funding. h) Co-authorship and degree of internationalization of the proposal and equipment. i) Presentation: good written style.

Authors can access their publication online, both in the preprint version and in its final version.