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Comunicar 46:The internet of the Future, the challenges of human interaction

Comunicar journal has published its issue 46 ” The Internet of the Future”

Communicating in 140 Characters. How Journalists in Spain use Twitter Gabriel Arrabal Sánchez, Málaga (Spain) & Miguel de Aguilera Moyano, Málaga (Spain).

 Internet and Emotions: New Trends in an Emerging Field of ResearchJavier Serrano-Puche, Pamplona (Spain).

European Newspapers’ Digital Transition: New Products and New Audiences Simón Peña Fernández, Bilbao (Spain), Iñaki Lazkano Arrillaga, Bilbao (Spain) & Daniel García González, Bilbao (Spain).

 Online and Offline Pornography Consumption in Colombian Adolescents Reynaldo Rivera, Roma (Italy), David Santos Velasco, Madrid (Spain), Victoria Cabrera García, Bogotá (Colombia) & María del Carmen Docal Millán, Bogotá (Colombia).

The Influence of School Climate and Family Climate among Adolescents Victims of Cyberbullying Jessica Ortega Barón, Valencia (Spain), Sofía Buelga Vasquez, Valencia (Spain) & María Jesús Cava Caballero, Valencia (Spain).

Discriminatory Expressions, the Young and Social Networks: The Effect of Gender David Dueñas Cid, Tarragona (Spain), Paloma Pontón Merino, Tarragona (Spain), Ángel Belzunegui Eraso, Tarragona (Spain) & Inma Pastor Gosálbez, Tarragona (Spain)

An Analysis of the Interaction Design of the Best Educational Apps for Children Aged Zero to Eight Lucrezia Crescenzi Lanna, Barcelona (Spain) & Mariona Grané Oró, Barcelona (Spain)

The Ubiquitous Possibilities of the Laptop: Spanish University Students’ Perceptions María Luisa Sevillano García, Madrid (Spain), María Pilar Quicios García, Madrid (Spain) & José Luis González García, Santander (Spain)

Generation Z’s Teachers and their Digital Skills Francisco José Fernández Cruz, Madrid (Spain) & María José Fernández Díaz, Madrid (Spain)


«Comunicar» publishes research papers related to communication and education, and especially the intersection between the two fields: media education, educational media and resources, educational technology, IT and electronic resources, audiovisual, technologies… Reports, studies and experiments relating to these subjects are also accepted.


«Comunicar» publishes research results, studies, state-of-the-art articles and reviews especially regarding the convergence between education and communication, preferably written in Spanish although submissions are also accepted in English.

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