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[Comunicar]:«Communication, Civil Society and Social Change».


We inform you that the latest issue of «Comunicar», 47, has been recently published with the suggestive title: «Communication, Civil Society and Social Change». As on previous occasions, the journal has a monographic section and a wide variety of items in its miscellaneous section. All articles are available full text and free of charge on our official website.
Watching and Tweeting: Youngsters’ Responses to Media Representations of Resistance
Alba Torrego | Alfonso Gutiérrez-Martín
DOI Civic Activism in Romania: Framing anti-Chevron Online Protest Community «Faces»
Camelia Cmeciu | Cristina Coman
DOI Transformative Image. The Power of a Photograph for Social Change: The Death of Aylan
Susana de-Andrés-del-Campo | Eloisa Nos-Aldas | Agustín García-Matilla
DOI Information Skills and Open Data. Challenges for Citizen Empowerment and Social Change
María Carmen Gertrudis-Casado | Manuel Gértrudix-Barrio | Sergio Álvarez-García

Community Media as Exercise of Communicative Citizenship: Experiences from Argentina and Ecuador
Mauro Cerbino | Francesca Belotti

The Representation of Workingwomen in Spanish Television Fiction
Charo Lacalle | Beatriz Gómez

Values and Emotions in Children’s Audiovisual Fictional Narratives
Ana Aierbe-Barandiaran | Eider Oregui-González

Models of educational integration of ICTs in the classroom
Manuel Area-Moreira | Víctor Hernández-Rivero | Juan José Sosa-Alonso

Powerful Communication Style on Twitter: Effects on Credibility and Civic Participation
Salvador Alvídrez | Oziel Franco-Rodríguez

Teaching Ethics in the University through Multicultural Online Dialogue
Elena Briones | Laura Lara

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