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Internet and Emotions: New Trends in an Emerging Field of Research

Comunicar, n 46, v. XXIV, 2016 | Media Education Journal | ISSN: 1134-3478; e-ISSN: 1988-3293


Emotions is an important part of our life. With the rapid development of Communication and Information Technology, virtual life seems plays a more and more important role. This article reveals a new research trend of academic research in emotions, that is internet and emotion. The author mapped the research field of emotions within Media and Communication Studies with a literature review research method. Main research topic and research method in emotions and internet research were showed in this paper. And the author concluded that the Net not only arouses emotions in users and serves as a channel for the expression of affection, but also influences the way in which this affection is modulated and displayed, as well as the configuration of the personal identity of the users of the Internet.

While as the author mentioned in the article, “Digital realm has its own peculiarities, which come from its electronic nature, and that in turn affect the emotional dimension of the person.” What I am interested in future research of this area is “how its peculiarities influence the way people express their emotion and affect the emotional dimension of people”.

xiao wan

This review article is composed by

Ms. XIAO Wan

Doctoral student,

Nanjing Normal University