Author: Rosa García-Ruiz – Translation: Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

When writing a scientific text, it is essential to have a powerful and inspiring title. This means that our title has to be attractive, direct and original.

We must be creative and think about who is going to read it and not just what we want to tell. We are going to communicate and therefore, we must put ourselves in the place of the receiver. Think of future readers that among the huge amount of articles they can find on the net, ours will be the one that arouses their curiosity and they decide to read it. In addition it is necessary to count on to catch the attention of the publisher, to whom he receives many works as interesting as ours and we cannot miss the opportunity to arouse his curiosity.

como-crear-titulares-de-pc3a1ginas-que-generen-trc3a1fico-2da-parteExperts insist that titles must have a certain length. Providing more information than necessary does not guarantee that our article is the most interesting.

It is very important to choose the keywords that represent the area of knowledge which we want to be identified. The scientific style must be taken care of in all the details, demonstrating rigor and mastery of the subject.

Likewise, advancing with the title our new contribution to the field of study that differentiates us from what they can find in another work is fundamental.

Some examples of good titles would be these:

  • Communicate in 140 characters. How Twitter communicators use in Spain
  • The transforming image. The power of social change in a photograph: the death of Aylan
  • Models of didactic integration of ICT in the classroom

To ensure that our title is appropriate we can take into account some tips:

  • Do not use denials
  • Do not use questions
  • Do not state the type of statistical analysis
  • Do not include unfamiliar terms by the scientific community

Before sending your article to the selected journal, pause to think if the title meets these characteristics. The title says it all or can say nothing.

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