Author: sabinacivila – Translation: Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

The indexing of articles in Google, is not performed flawlessly, so you have to pay attention and check that our article is not hidden. Although each case is different. Below is a list of reasons that favor the indexation of documents in this network.

  • Accessibility: Publications should be hosted on a page with mainly academic content. Personal websites, press or academic pages that show errors or broken links are not identified by Google search engines. The article could be removed by Google if it is deleted or disappears from its original location. 
  • Transparency: The document should not contain advertising or suspicious aspects, as it could be ignored by the platform. The full text or abstract should be available to users who follow Google Scholar links.
  • Availability: All papers indexed in Google must be available in .PDF format and not exceed 5MB. In addition, neither unconventional files nor those containing incomplete or incorrect bibliographic information will be identified by search engines. If there are a large number of versions of the same article, it may be detected as erroneous.
  • Subject matter: Although no research area is prioritized, some subject areas have not yet received sufficient international coverage, causing indexing to be affected.
  • Publication: Immediacy is not one of Google Scholar’s strengths. It can take weeks or months for a new article to be added.

However, you can also add articles manually from your own profile. You can access Google Scholar through the following link:

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