Author: Ignacio Aguaded – Translation: Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

Spain is positioned among the 10 world powers of scientific production, being one of the hallmarks of the “Spain” brand. Thanks to the broad and excellent generation of science on the part of Spanish researchers from almost one hundred Universities, in addition to research centers scattered throughout the geography (especially in large cities and universities), Spanish science has a place and recognition in the world. But we must not forget that the fabric of scientific journals that are published in our country occupies an essential role in this achievement.

There are about 1,800 scientific and academic journals in Spain (Navas, Abadal and Rodrigues:, of which just under a third (600) are Scopus journals and a little more than a hundred (129) are journals JCR (Journal Citation Reports), world-class, representing these the most excellent level of our science, for its high rates of visibility, prestige and impact at the international level.

‘Comunicar’ has been present in JCR since 2009 (more than a decade) and in the Social Science Citation Index since 2007, being one of the scientific journals in Social Sciences pioneer of being present in this superselective and prestigious international indexer. With 26 years of editing, more than a hundred scientific advisors from five continents and more than 750 scientific reviewers from 47 countries around the world, ‘Comunicar is today a reference in the model of scientific publication of quality in its editorial management, high visibility and remarkable scientific impact. With bilingual editions in Spanish and English, and abstracts in Chinese and Portuguese, this four-lingual publication receives between 800 and 1,000 manuscripts annually from researchers worldwide (with demanding acceptance rates of around 5%). It has a rigorous and fluid scientific review system (which does not exceed 120 days) and its editions have high international visibility (more than 9,000 followers on Facebook and 7,000 on Twitter), as well as a notable presence on prestigious scientific social networks.

In 2019, ‘Comunicar’ is Scopus-Q1 in Cultural Studies, Communication and Education (top 1%, 8% and 9% in their areas worldwide respectively). It is the first best positioned magazine of all the areas, among the 2,820, of REDIB (Portal of the CSIC for all Latin American magazines) and the best magazine of the top 100 of Google Scholar in Spanish for all areas in 2018.

In addition, ‘Comunicar’ is the best Spanish journal in Social Sciences in the selective index Journal Citation Reports 2018 (valid in 2019/20), with an impact factor of 3,338 that place it in the 9th and 10th place respectively in the world in its areas of knowledge: Communication and Education, being already classified as “Magazine top 10% of the world” (top 5% in Education). It is one of the only nine Spanish journals in the selective Q1 of JCR in 2018, being among them the fifth best in impact and the third best in citations of all areas (1,367 citations in 2018). It is the only magazine of Social Sciences that appears in this prestigious ranking of the top Spanish scientific journals (the rest of the titles are Health Sciences and Environment).

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